Testimoni Vivix - Pesakit Auto Imun Menemui Jawapan Penyembuhan Dengan Shaklee

Assalamualaikum..oleh kerana Vivix belum diguna luas oleh rakyat Malaysia, teringin saya berkongsi testimoni dari negara kelahiran produk Vivix ni kerana di sana, lebih 1,000,000 botol terjual dalam tahun pertama ia dilancarkan. Hari ni kisah bagaimana Shaklee mengubah hidup seorang yang mempunyai penyakit auto imun. Jom buka minda..

Hello all!  My name is Kate.  My husband just returned from two tours in the Middle East as a Naval Intelligence Officer.  We all now are living in Austin, Texas.  I am a Commercial and Residential Interior Designer by trade.  I have decided to pursue a 2nd hobby in 2010 after being diagnosed with an Auto Immune Disease. I was desperate for medical answers that I couldn't find.  I have taken SHAKLEE supplements off and on for 40 years.  My grandmother partnered with Dr. Shaklee for 25 years and because of her, I am continuing on with her nutritional influence. 
I was diagnosed with:                                                                                                                                      Auto Immune Disease (Seronegative Spondyloarthopathy, HLA B27+) several years ago, and because of Shaklee, acupuncture and massage therapy I am not in a wheelchair.  The side effects to the prescription drugs that were prescribed had damaging and devastating impact on my body. They wanted to put me on a chemo therapy drug, and I stood up and said "NO", "there has to be another way."   My journey over the past 10 years led me to some specific supplements from SHAKLEE that changed my world. I have decided to get out in front of people and share this same information about what NUTRIFERON, VIVIX, OMEGAGUARD, VITALIZER, IRON +C,  LIVER DETOX, and to just name a few….. did specifically for me.  I am currently finishing a Bachelors Degree in Health Science.  I have studied pharmaceutical and alternative medicine for years and consult with clients on health and wellness through supplementation and diet to change and eliminate pain and suffering.  I have used SHAKLEE all my life, but until recently when I could really do the research and compare to other brands, I am now convinced from one more science angle,  that SHAKLEE is far superior in their ingredient sources and manufacturing process.  Just in the past 15 years SHAKLEE has had more recent discoveries with their breakthrough science.  These new products that have launched with SHAKLEE has had life changing effects on so many people that I have met. The new program for me that I use has been very successful in amazing and radical support for:
cancer, fibroid tumors, crones disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, kidney disease, hepatitis, herpes, menopause, high blood pressure, hormone imbalance, mental illness, auto immune disease, thyroid dysfunction, infertility, pneumonia, weight loss,
..... and the list has just started.  I am now working for a 50 + year old billion dollar company called SHAKLEE.  They are  successful in pure, organic and non-gmo, vitamins, sports nutrition and a long list of life changing recovery supplements.  SHAKLEE'S household products are fantastic, biodegradable, and without harsh chemicals. They are superior to anything out there. Shaklee's LAUNDRY, FACE CREAM, and CLEANING PRODUCTS are also absolutely wonderful. 
Many of my clients are tired of the band-aids they are offered, and want answers and results without side effects.  Time and time again, people I meet are tired of suffering and not feeling good.  It's an exciting time for health and wellness in this country and the motivation one gets from seeing those who are having life changing experiences is what drives my passion for maximum healing.  Because my grandmother set the tone for her family, my nutrition from an early age was better.  I'm honored to carry on her legacy. Your business will continue to help me help those who are in need and can't afford supplementation. Try these products, what do you have to lose? Shaklee has 100% satisfaction guarantee!  Let me help you get started on the supplements that would fit your need and get you feeling better in 30 days. You don't have to suffer any longer.  I would be honored to help you

Laman web Kate boleh dilayari di sini http://katemccarty.myshaklee.com/us/en/about_kates-story.html. Saya percaya ramai lagi pesakit auti imun di Malaysia yang ingin keluar dan mencari penyelesaian muktamad berbanding bergantung hidup dengan ubat bahan kimia, dadah, steroid. Testimoni lain auto imun -  Testimoni Vivix Untuk Pesakit SLE. Jom usah bertangguh lagi untuk mengembalikan nikmat hidup. Bak kata Kate, "what you gonna lose?"

Anda boleh pilih untuk beli sendiri secara pantas melalui laman Shaklee atau boleh menghubungi saya untuk tujuan pembelian. Jika anda memilih untuk membeli sendiri, sila klik Beli Sekarang. Pembelian pantas menggunakan Visa atau Master Card (Debit / Credit Card)

Rahsia Jadi Ahli Shaklee Secara Percuma Terbongkar
Hubungi Saya :

FB Syue Wana | 016-7114304 (sms/whatsapp) | yuna.stitchz@gmail.com

* Produk ini bukan bertujuan untuk mendiagnos, merawat,menyembuhkan atau mencegah sebarang penyakit.

* COD - Skudai; Gelang Patah; Bukit Indah; Perling; Tun Aminah; Tampoi; Bandar Baru Uda; Kempas; Mount Austin, Larkin; Taman Pelangi; Permas Jaya; Ulu Tiram; Masai; Pasir Gudang; Johor Bahru amnya dan pos laju ke SELURUH MALAYSIA.


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